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I had a photocopy of this booklet from when my sister lived in Walthamstow in the 70's, and was really taken with the descriptions and detail. I always meant to go round and look for new buildings, but never did; now its easy with google maps. I came across a blog about V2 rocket strikes in London some years ago, and added the details for Walthamstow to their collection. Subsequently I've sent a photocopy to various people who've expressed interest.

I've found nothing on the internet about this document, or its author Ross Wyld, other than a number of care homes and buildings in Walthamstow; I must go and look in the local museum this summer.

I've scanned and transcribed the document as acurately as I can, but there may be some transcrtiption errors.. apologies! I've kept the general structure of the document, although not the 3 column newspaper format. I've also merged the descriptions and lists of dates for the "story of the raids" section.

The only part I haven't transcribed is the considerable lists of names and titles of the people involved. If theres a demand, I can always add this at a later date.

It would be fascinating to go through the complete list and locate them on Google Maps, and maybe I will one day. I've contributed to the V2 rockets on London and surrounding counties map, and added the details of the V2 rockets on my own page below

By the canal footpath, the crater of V2 can still be seen.

View V2 sites in Walthamstow in a larger map

Other V2 sites in London are shown here

Theres no copyright notice on the leaflet, so I'm assuming theres no copyright, If I'm wrong, please contact me. Its a fascinating document about a time thats now History.

Part I - General

Part IIa - The Services

Part IIb - The Services

Part III - The Story of the Raids

Part IV - Flying Bombs & Rockets

Part V - To the Unknown Citizen