Civilian Casualties

In pre-war days, presumably with a view to making our blood run cold or, alternatively, to stimulating entries into the Air Raid Precautions Service, official national speakers and official national publicists used to talk of the possibility of the first raids producing up to 200,000 or 250,000 dead in London at short notice. Fortunately, the facts proved otherwise and up to the end of the War, despite all the raiding and the Fly Bombs and the Rockets, the total number of dead for the whole country was 60,585 and for London 29,890.

In Walthamstow our casualties fell into three main batches as indicated in the following Table. (It will be observed that there is a slight overlap in time between the second and third groups as we had three Fly Bombs during the Rocket period.) The total number of killed by Fly Bombs and Rockets was almost the same as the figure for the whole of the earlier period when we had some 600 exploded H.E. bombs, phosphorus bombs, mines and A.A. shells, together with innumerable I.B.s.

This gives some indication of the wider areas of damage caused by the later types of missiles- "bigger and better bombs"-and is re-inforced by the fact that, in addition to the deaths, the number of persons injured in the earlier period was equalled by the comparable figure for the Rockets alone, i.e. excluding Fly Bombs.

Note: There is a table in the original document which his been emptied and replaced with the comment "Since the Table was prepared we have been forbidden to publish separate figures for Fly Bombs and Rockets."

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